Wearing your upper removable appliance

You will need to wear this removable appliance (also known as a removable brace) FULL TIME. Which means you must wear it during mealtimes and when sleeping – only remove it when you are cleaning your teeth or when cleaning the appliance or if you play sports for which a mouth guard is worn such as hockey or rugby or martial arts. Always use your fingers to insert and remove the appliance. Avoid clicking it in with your teeth or playing with it using your tongue as this can cause it to get loose or break.


You may find that you speak with a lisp – this is perfectly normal. Practise speaking or reading out loud whilst wearing it. The more you wear it, the more you will get used to it and your speech will improve. With your full commitment, it usually takes around 5-7 days to get fully used to your appliance.


Start by having soft foods such as mash potato, soups, pasta, steamed veg etc whilst getting used to the appliance. Avoid hard, sticky or chewy foods as it could damage the appliance. Foods such as apples and carrots must be chopped into small bite-size pieces before eating. Try to avoid fizzy drinks or fruit juices high in sugar or acid as they can cause wear on the tooth surface. Save them for special occasions only. Choose healthier alternatives such as milk or water instead.

Cleaning your upper removable appliance

You must remove the appliance after each meal to clean it. Use a manual or electric toothbrush to brush all of its surfaces. Be gentle around the wires and especially the springs as they are fragile. Then, rinse under cold running water. You must ensure there are no food particles left on the appliance before inserting it back into your mouth. You may also want to use ‘Retainer Brite’. This is a dissolvable cleaning tablet – you drop it into a tumbler/ beaker/cup of cold water and soak the appliance in the solution for about 10-15 mins. It is recommended you use Retainer Brite 2-3 times weekly to keep the appliance fresh and clean.

Storing your upper removable appliance

When the appliance is not in your mouth, you MUST store it in a lidded box to keep it safe and protect it from breakages. Avoid wrapping in tissue or putting away in pockets as you’re more likely to lose the appliance. Pets, especially dogs, love to chew on this. Always store it in a box. This is very important. If the appliance breaks, this will cause delays to your treatment. There is a cost for replacement appliances. You can buy a removable starter pack as well as a combined starter pack at reception – this includes a lidded box as well as the cleaning tablets. Please ask your Orthodontist if you need to purchase a combined pack.

Problems with your upper removable appliance

If the appliance is too loose or too tight or causing pain in the cheeks or gums or the palate, please do let us know – we can adjust it to make it more comfortable for you. Your teeth may feel a bit sore or ache for a few days- this is normal, you may take some simple pain killers to ease this. If you lose or damage the appliance, you must contact the practice as soon as possible.

Number of turns each week

Your orthodontist will advise you how many turns need to be done each week. We will give you a ‘Removable Brace Chart’ to help you keep a record of how many turns you complete. This has to be signed off by your parent/guardian each time. Please note: you will need to bring this chart with you at every appt for the orthodontist to review.

How to turn the URA key

Hold the URA in your non-dominant hand in a position where the concave surface is facing you. Hold the key in your dominant hand. Locate the yellow arrow and make sure it is pointing away from you. Find the hole in the centre of the URA and insert the key from the top. Then push the key firmly in the direction of the arrow until it stops. This counts as one turn. You must ensure to keep the hand holding the URA very still when turning the key.

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