Treatment fees

At The Orthodontic Centre we aim to make Orthodontic treatment affordable to all of our patients. Our interest free payment plan enables you to spread the cost over the course of your treatment. You will need to make an initial payment at the start of treatment, then the remainder of your fees will be split in to equal monthly payments.  Here’s an outline of the fees we charge.

Patient Fees
Consultation £98.00
Review from £45.00
Records (impressions, X-rays and photographs) £285.00
Removable appliances from £820.00
Functional appliances from £2.360.00
Mouthguard £75.00
Air polishing £65.00
Tooth mousse from £45.00
Invisalign Cost Monthly payments
Invisalign Lite From £2,500 From £55 per month
Invisalign Full From £3,645 From £80 per month
Invislaign i7 From £1,400 From £80 per month
Fixed braces Cost Monthly payments
Children (Under 18) From £2,840 From £133 per month
Adults (Over 18) From £3,055 From £143 per month
Lingual (Incognito) From £4,895 From £163 per month
Repairs and replacements to orthodontic appliances
NHS replacement charge for removable appliances, removable retainers and bonded retainers (per retainer) £73.29*
Private replacement removable appliance or retainer £98.00
Private replacement functional appliance £275.00
Other private repairs to appliances from £75.00
Invisalign replacement aligner £125.00
Incognito replacement brackets from £150.00

*NHS fees set by Department of Health and subject to annual change. To download leaflet for Fees, please click here.  (Please note that NHS charges apply where NHS appliances are lost or broken beyond repair)

Our private fees are based on an hourly rate which covers our practice expenses and allows us to provide a high standard of care and service to our patients. Please note that NHS charges apply where NHS appliances are lost or broken beyond repair.

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